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UX Expertise-at your fingertips, whenever you need it

Using UX Pass is like having an army of UX Consultants on retainer at your startup 24/7. With UX Pass you can commission regular UX Evaluation Sessions that give you critical insight into your product’s information architecture, interaction design, learnability, ease of use, and more!

User Centered Design-Simplified

When you’re in the middle of chasing that oh-so-elusive product market fit, trying to secure another funding round, and managing growth processes; it can be hard to find time to get feedback from users. UX Pass lets you assign usability testing tasks to users and have them make videos, create annotations, and provide critical insights into your product’s design.

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Business Analysis (BA)

User Experience (UX) Design

Our Business Analysts can apply their investigative and analytical skills to identify and define the problems and their solutions that will maximize the potential of your organization’s service or product. We can take a leading role in defining your goals and requirements for programs and projects, or support continuous improvement in their technologies and processes.

Our design team can achieve optimal User Experience Design for you through their hands-on approach to UX Research, Usability Testing & Analytics, Information Architecture, UX Design & Prototyping, and Content Strategy. Our experts’ approach is to consider how to align the goals of your users with the goals of your business.

Code Development

QA Automation

Drawing on many years of software expertise, continual professional development and ongoing engagement with key organizations including Apple, Samsung, Walmart and PayPal, we are uniquely placed to take your organization further. Let our specialist developers guide you from specification through to design, and on to the delivery of the systems you need.

Our engineers can provide automated testing tools which are able to artificially reproduce human testing processes, making it faster, more robust and more economical to test your application software. Through their skills, you can be sure that your user interface will have been tested to a level unreachable using more traditional human-based methods.

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