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Learning: Technology market has always been very fluid and dynamic with ever changing tech stacks. Our ability to ensure our team keeps up with the learning goals assigned to them internally is an advantage. We have developed mentorships, internships, skills boosting programs, and Bootcamps, all aimed at current developers wishing to up-power their capabilities and skills. We ensure our consultants develop their skills in software technologies relevant to the current technological advancements and adoption and that they aptly apply their learning in building our own and our customer's products.

Consulting: Most of the problems our clients face during product development phase are technical in nature. Our ability to ensure our customer teams are always led by a Technical Project Lead is an advantage. Our Project Leads are experienced technology consultants working on the front lines of company products for a number of years. Our consultants are not seen as maintenance workers nor we wish to take on such projects; they are specialists in developing bespoke software engineering solutions and experiences which eventually represents and supports our client's businesses.




Go-Live Lab’s mission is to build highly usable software products, be part of teams at other companies that are doing so, and continue to build a reputation in Silicon Valley as a company known for building great software.

Go-Live Lab’s vision is to become a company of 50 strong consulting and outsourcing team members and $1 million dollars revenue from its B2B software by 2019.


We have worked with tech giants and hot start-ups in the Silicon Valley area and have worked with many ultra-demanding organization such as Quinstreet, Niara, Threatstream, Apple, Samsung, Cisco, Walmart, PayPal, and Dell to name a few. A partial list of past and present companies we have served is given below:

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