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Why Us

Our Business Analysts can apply their investigative and analytical skills to identify and define the problems and their solutions that will maximize the potential of your organization’s service or product. We can take a leading role in defining your goals and requirements for programs and projects, or support continuous improvement in their technologies and processes. You will find us adept at picking the optimum methodology suited to your problem and will use iterative assessment methods including waterfall and Agile.

You will be allocated your own Business Analyst from our team, who will work across all levels of your organization acting as an observer, information gatherer and critical-friend.

What We Offer

Analysis Model

The cornerstone of a successful Business Analysis is the method by which it is achieved. All of our Software Business Analysts use formal methods of analysis such as Agile or SCRUM, both using an iterative process. The success of iterative processes is widely documented as they allow the paradigm to be improved continuously; we will model your business, analyze it and remodel again for improvements. This provides us with an ideal foundation for any improvement process.

Business Analysis

By identifying your current organizational structure, work processes and data flows, we offer to create a current state analysis as well as projected visions for your organization. This process will include identifying the product backlogs, analyzing marketing plans and creating structural representations of your organization. This analysis will include methods such as observation, interviews, data collection and analysis, scenario projections, and data and process flows.

Customer Analysis

By defining those customers that the organization is currently servicing, we can also identify untapped customer from existing markets as well as those from new and emerging ones. By understanding what motivates your existing customers to make a purchase, you can build your business around providing solutions to those needs. Here, we use a mix of research methods appropriate for your service or product to get you the most accurate results.

Document Findings

This includes a formal deliverable of our Business Analysis on your organization. This will be presented in plain non-jargon, understandable English. Its contents may include some of the following: a current state analysis, a project vision, a solution vision, business requirements, business process design, use-case model, use-case specification, systemwide requirements and a glossary.

What We Do Well

Our Business Analysis team members are specialists in investigating, documenting, and modeling an organizations’ software services, and expert in projecting future requirements. We are experienced at both analysis and delivery of findings.

So, what does this actually mean in plain English?

Our analysts will:

1. Scope your current systems. We will work with your key stakeholders to observe, assess, document and model your current software domain, their uses, boundaries and flows of data.

2. Interpret Software Needs. By analyzing your needs and using our experience and expertise, we will present our findings using clear and concise language.

3. Formulate and Communicate a Business Vision. We will distill the differing messages and needs of the organization and will map out any areas for future developments. As part of this process, we will advise on new tech pertinent to your organization and will recommend solutions that will enable your business to achieve its goals.

4. Deliver our Findings. All our documentation will use standardized industry methodology and will be delivered in an understandable format.

For us to model and describe our analysis findings, we use methods and tools which are ubiquitous throughout the industry. These include modeling tools such as the Rational Rose modeling system and the industry standard UML visualization system, among many others.

Work Examples

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