Why Us

Drawing on many years of software expertise, continual professional development and ongoing engagement with key organizations including Apple, Samsung, Walmart and PayPal, we are uniquely placed to take your organization further. Let our specialist developers guide you from specification through to design, and on to the delivery of the systems, you need.

We provide seasoned technology professionals who use a variety of software development tools and processes to achieve the best results. Our team of software specialists has skills to produce software that is meticulously designed, expertly built and rigorously tested.

What We Offer

Consulting Services

Our consultants excel at solving technical and business problems and at making highly effective recommendations for improvement. The software architects and software developers truly understand how to design and develop software to get the best results.
Our software development processes benefit from the experience we have gained through delivering a multitude of projects for clients with diverse and demanding requirements. This means that we have the knowledge to smooth the process of imagining new systems for you.

Outsourcing Services

By working through our formally tried and tested process, our software experts can document and design a bespoke system which will suit your needs, without having to hire an internally managed team to do so. You can take advantage of our internal team ready to deliver to your specs, without having to worry about recruiting for every individual role and skill requirement in-house, saving enormous amounts of time in the process. Our team is based out of Silicon Valley and you get resources who are up to date with the latest in technology.

Staffing Services

Our experienced software developers can work in a variety of languages to support most software. Our Front-End Engineers are well versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, and JavaScript Frameworks like Angular and React. We can also support Server-Side technologies such as Node.js, Python and Java. This means that your chances of finding software engineers with the expertise for your company’s tech stack is higher with us. We offer to provide full time, as well as contract positions for your software applications development roles.

API Services

One thrilling aspect of latest web technology is that an app can securely and actively access information from many other sources. Using our API expertise, we can unleash this potential in your apps which will open up a world of possibilities for integrating with other platforms, data and functionality. The possibilities are endless, and the impact of these features can take your apps from being simply good to being simply great. You can use our API services to order a custom-made software API or for functionality that will accelerate your development cycles.

What We Do Well

User Interface Development

Our experienced software developers work in a variety of user interface technologies to provide your apps with the latest, most fluid and cutting-edge experience. By utilizing the latest front-end technologies, we bring user interfaces to life for a more reliable, engaging and exciting experience.

Whilst the concept of a great looking website is appealing, the user experience goes deeper, much deeper. From basics such as load-times and layout aesthetics, to intuitive flow, information focus and dynamic relative content, our team makes the most of our skills to deliver a great user experience.

To do this, we use expert technologies with proven results, such as JavaScript, jQuery & Ajax. We also specialize in advanced frameworks such as Angular and React which scale well and will allow heavy-user front-end applications to appear light and flowing; ideal for high traffic web applications.

Server-Side Development

Most large-scale websites use server-side power to store and dynamically display data on demand. To compliment user interface design, we provide expertise in server-side technology. Our developers deliver back-end coding for seamless integration using trusted as well as relatively new methods such as Java, Python, & Node.js. Our team is well versed with traditional SQL as well as NoSQL databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, MongoDB, & Cassandra.

Whether it’s manipulating the database, creating dynamic data and views, or running ondemand services and requests, our server-side development team can handle it with confidence.

Work Examples

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