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Why Us

Quality Assurance ensures that your customers leave your software application feeling satisfied and eager to return. Testing to ensure this happens is usually performed by a human sitting in front of a computer painstakingly going through all of your web pages. For successful testing, exhaustive combinations of data need to be input, and results and recording need assessing. This is a timely and expensive process often considered to be out of reach of many smaller organizations. Here at People Vendor, we can provide automated testing tools which are able to artificially reproduce this process, making it faster, more robust and more economical. These automated tools can report the success or failure of such tests, play back pre-recorded and predefined actions, and compare results to expected behavior. Once automated tests are created they can easily be repeated and extended to perform tasks which would otherwise be impossible with manual testing. Because of the success of such automated testing, it is considered to be an essential component of successful development projects.

Our tools are affordable enough for smaller projects and yet powerful enough that our customer list includes some of the largest and most respected companies in the world. Our focus will be on building a good understanding of what we need to improve the quality of your application and what role automation plays in it.

What We Offer

Automated QA

Our automated software quality assurance testing can reduce the time and costs associated in running repetitive tests. We use industry-standard technologies such as PhantomJS, CasperJS, Selenium and Jasmine to build our testing solutions.

But, why automation? Often, testing has to be repeated during development cycles to ensure quality; each time the software is updated for example. Automation means that testing can be iterative, vigorous, in-depth and timely.

Web Apps can be tested on multiple browsers over multiple operating systems but manually performing these tests can be costly and time consuming. Once created, our automated tests can be run over and over again reducing the time from days to hours whilst still maintaining quality.

Increased Test Coverage

Even the largest organizations do not have the capacity to perform exhaustive website testing with thousands of users. Our automated quality assurance testing increases the scope and depth of testing to help improve your software’s quality and integrity. Lengthy tests which are often avoided with manual testing can be run automatically which means that your website is tested to depths not previously possible. Test automation can easily execute thousands of different complex test cases during every test execution providing coverage that is impossible with manual tests.

Our QA Experts can help you create optimum test-cases for your software, as well as creating an automation testing workflow in sync with the sprint release cycle before building the actual tests.

Increased Accuracy

It is said that ‘A computer’s error is the programmer’s error’.

Even the most conscientious software tester will, at some point, make mistakes during a monotonous manual test. Our automated quality assurance tests perform the identical steps precisely and accurately as many times as is required and they never forget to record the results. This means that your engineers are freed from the repetitive tasks and can concentrate on creating accurate automated software tests instead. Automated quality assurance testing can simulate thousands of users interacting with your software each testing it to exhaustion. Even a small organization can have big testing!

Web Scraping

Using PhantomJS, a cutting-edge scripting language, our engineers can harness the capability of web scraping. Using specifically crafted scripts, we can help scrap useful information off the web to speed up many functions and work flows across your organization.

Web Scraping can achieve a lot for you including: Page automation, manipulation and navigation, Network monitoring and load testing, Input and output testing, Database and external data tests, Screen captures for time recording and other important functions, lead enrichment for your sales teams, and more.

What We Do Well

Our engineers have invested heavily in both time and money to achieve their current status as leaders in quality assurance automation. Through their skills, you can be sure that your user interface will have been tested to a level unsurpassed by using more traditional human-based methods.

Our team use specialist automated testing tools to greatly enhance our capability of testing your user interface and we employ an iterative framework for testing, allowing feedback to yourselves at each stage.

With tools such as Selenium, a complete browser testing environment, and automation scripting languages like PhantomJS and CasperJS, we are capable of creating automated pre-configured tests, recording results, editing and debugging web pages.

All of our tests return data which we use to correct and improve the target interface design and functionality. And, for those of you who are still not convinced about the outstanding results from automated testing, we can also include human input into these tests!

Work Examples

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