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Why Us

“Your interface is your product” - Carl Nattrass

In our view, a great user experience is one that drives emotions and changes how the user feels. Our design team can achieve optimal User Experience Design for you through their hands-on approach to UX Research, Usability Testing & Analytics, Information Architecture, UX Design & Prototyping, and Content Strategy.

Our experts’ approach is to consider how to align the goals of your users with the goals of your business. Therefore, we strive to attain experiences which are:

• Highly Usable: They fulfill your users’ needs, or solve a problem that your users really care about.
• Highly Intuitive: The experience is based on well-studied mental models and your user’s environment, so that they can get the most out of your product.
• Highly Engaging: The customer returns back to the experience and takes delight in what has been delivered.

Ask yourself, is your current vendor paying top attention to experience or just design?

What We Offer

UX Research

The key ingredient to a successful user experience lies in the early research and analysis. We approach research by two avenues; the external investigation and the internal investigation.

The external research investigates the trends in your target market area, including analyzing what your competitors are doing right and what they could improve on. We will also analyze your prospective customers and see what markets they are currently occupying.

The internal researching takes many forms relative to your organization including: online surveys, personal interviews, group interviews, working observations, user testing, group workshops and brainstorming session.

Wireframe & Prototype

We ensure complete Information Architecture, product navigation, and use Wire-framing as visual representation of a user interface to demonstrate our concepts to you. We have found that the use of early wire-framing improves the end product substantially. We will deliver wireframe presentations illustrating how the proposed user experience will be delivered to your customers and collect feedback.

Wire-framing leads into prototyping where for the first time, you will see your new interface coming alive in color, buttons, icons, and typography for the next level of feedback. We can use professional tools of your choice for mock-ups such as Adobe Illustrator and Balsamiq.

Usability & Analytics

Analytics data is iteratively reviewed based on feedback. As part of this process, we test the interface for both accuracy, reliability and experience. We will also make an assessment on content, including how your users will read, interpret and access your website or app. Some of the formal usability testing techniques we use include Heuristic Evaluation and Cognitive Walkthrough.

Feeding into this process there will be a collaboration and coordination between our designers and yourselves ultimately to deliver an optimized user experience bespoke to your products, your customers, and your needs.

Final Assessment

Our aim is to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction both to yourselves as our customer, and to your own customers of the finished product. An important part of this is through the continual assessment and reassessment of our processes based on collected feedback post Go-Live.

Final stage assessment can be achieved by a number of methods such as monitoring website visitors, direct and indirect user feedback, post-period assessment, impact on product sales, web analytics and surveys, qualitative data from interviews and observations, further usability testing and secondary participatory design sessions.

The particular methods employed will depend upon the user interface, the target platform and your product, but whatever it is, you can relax as we’ll have it covered.

What We Do Well

We are always working on how we can improve UX design. Any improvement manipulated, or influenced by our designers will increase your product or app’s quality and thus, the experience for the user.

Our Experts use the latest design techniques, benchmarks and tools to achieve results. You can be assured that your user experience will achieve the impact necessary to elevate you amongst your competitors.

Our designers specialize in web and mobile applications and use tools such as:

• Adobe Illustrator. This is used for wireframes, high fidelity design and graphical design.
• Balsamiq, HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap, etc. which are used for wire-framing and prototyping.
• UXPass which is our powerful in-house product for usability testing and reporting.

Let our established and experienced UX designers take your organization and product ambitions forward!

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